In One Era

by Shivakti

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As the nu millenium yum kicked in,
i gathered & harvested a collection of writings,
character parts, musing and whimsical doodles.

Into 'In One Era'.

Back to my earliest images, as a child in Wales.
A swag of colourful character types from the tigers tail of the Raj.
A pickled Quetzalcoatyl,
A rattled General.
A couple of happy tokers.
A cornucopia.
A hippy Trickster.
A rosy bunch of therapy.
And a mad Hare in a pear tree.

This album may contain traces of nuts,
herbal references, naughty words or nude scenes.
Unsuitable for miners.

The written pieces are available as two collections.
1:- In One Era,
2:- Another Era.


released February 8, 2015

Ruz:- Spoken Word, Guitar.
Mark Robson:- Didj {G'iday}



all rights reserved


Shivakti Byron Bay, Australia

A sonic salad of homegrown songs, toe tapping tunes, evocative verse, melodic grooves, healing drones, harmonic overtones, fun, laughter, wild nature and tales of the ancient future -NOW. Shivakti are Russell, Mayinda & friends. ... more

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Track Name: Newts and adders
A childhood of rue,
rowan, bracken and brecon beacons.
Track Name: Kerridwen
Now long and long ago,
in the days of merlin and arthur,
there lived a woman of power.
Track Name: G'iday
G'iday sweet potato.
Track Name: Op Shop
If yr glad rags have lost their smile,
and the shag is long gone from your shag pile.
If yr life is polyester and you couldn't give a darn.
If yr living in the city or down on the farm.
Track Name: Bees
To be or not to bee.
Track Name: Moulting Lagoon
Hey listen,
to the sandpipers,
the snipe the oyster catcher,
red beak and ready.
Track Name: Jellyfish in space
Jellyfish in space wrap the air with their embrace,
and pirouette with ballerina grace.
Surrendered to gravities slipstream of stars,
that pluck the living light.

They have no eyes to see,
to gage and scheme the passing dream,
of shapes.
Sun's rise to carve a day,
no go or stay, nor name to hail,
or second to tick the time away.
There is no time!

Jellyfish in space,
swim the soup of biologies race,
glow with phosphorescent trace.
Bubbling primordial green,
activates a galactic expresso machine.

Jellyfish in space,
one day find their resting place.
Accupunctured by primal light,
programmed for fight or flight
awakens now the sleeping cell,
and the archetypal crier rings a bell,
hear ye hear ye,
one second left and all is well.
From here on thru it's up to you heaven hell,
and the bell tolls a knell.

Protons, electrons, positrons,
small but all on call,
spinning now like the harlequin jugglers coloured balls.
Traces an orbit in photon phase, yr cosmic memory neva erased, locked in countdown with boosters ablaze.
!), ( ,*, &, ^, %, $, #, @, !,
We have liftoff,
a pineal flicker,
a blue print carbon copy, photostat jellyfish
swims inexorably earthward,
bravely onward,
ceremonially forward.

Whirlpool to spiral,
helix descent.
Tumbling to matter,
through tunnels of jewels.
From deep down the diamond mine of d.n.a.

Encrusted crystalline fine,flicking tail and man of war sail.
To fulfil desire again and again.
First breath to death,
and feeding fuel to fire as the flames crackle higher.
On the dear old battle field of time.
Track Name: I am Am i
If i am that i am,
that i am i am.
Therefore i must be, you see, i think!?.

But am i flesh or mind,
unzip my skin and what do you find?.
Am i senses taste, smell,
ears, eyes, hands as well?.

Am i anything at all,
good, bad, answers,
questions, happy, sad?.

And when i crumble back to clay,
do i go, do i stay?

I'm just looking for my face in the cosmic spin,
do i end,
did i begin?

What about judgment,
criticism too,
i don't like him,
but i do like you.

Am i this idea that i have of me,
a bird in a cage singing to be?.

So am i skin,
black white,
am i darkness,
am i light?.

Was i just then or here and now,
hindu, sufi, zen or tao?.

What about the elements,
earth, air,
in water and fire,
do you find me there?.

Am i personality,
or a never changing reality?,
tangled up in space and time,
turning reason back to rhyme.

So am i ego,
there you go,
a bubble that you see.
Or am i the ancient, future moment eternally?.
Track Name: Hare de la Lune
Ah, hare de la lune,
mad as march you are.
Track Name: Satyam Sam
There once was a man,
sam satyam.
Track Name: Waltzing to Mullum
Once a jolly hippy,
camped with his mull and bong.
Track Name: Basil
Once upon a pineapple sage,
rosemary and thyme,
there was a fellow called basil.
Track Name: Wilberforce
Here i lie,
wing commander,
claude wilberforce watkins.
Track Name: Axolotyl
An alchoholic axolotyl,
crawled out of his pond and took to the bottle.
Track Name: Water
Water, water you remember it all,
a real shapeshifter with total recall.
Track Name: General Chaos
General chaos here,
it was the summer of 42,
or was it the winter of 93?.
Track Name: Urban Shaman
I'm an urban shaman,
used to be a barman,
i'm so cool i'm no fool,
i don't need a car man.
Track Name: Ryokan
Long ago and far away,
on the islands of japan.
Lived a hermit monk named ryokan.
Track Name: Therapy
Iv'e tried re earthing.
Track Name: Astro illogical
Now i'm just your average kind of guy,
with cancer in uranus.
Track Name: Saturday nite fever
Whatever happened to the good old diseases?.
Track Name: The Wyrdd
Early one morning,
on a beach lit by a crescent moon,
i met a man who told me a story.